Support Courses for Credit

Support Courses for Credit

Tutoring is a great option when there’s just one class you're having trouble with. IU also offers a host of classes that help with all your courses and the undergraduate experience.

These courses vary in session length (6, 8, 13, or 16 weeks), occur every semester, and range between 1 and 3 credits. They are hosted by IUB's various schools and colleges and will count as electives towards your degree. And all will support your greater undergraduate goals. Sign up for one of these classes and have your academic experience transformed!

Support Course Topics


2 cr., full-semester, extra assistance learning finite concepts.

For students enrolled in MATH-M118, MATH-D116 or MATH-D117. 

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1 cr., 8 weeks, extra assistance with basic accounting skills.

For students enrolled in BUS-A100.

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CHEM-C116 Problem Solving in General Chemistry

1 cr., 16 weeks, Rrequest permission from department

For students enrolled in CHEM-C117.

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2 cr., 8 weeks, crash-course in college academics.

Work on transferable academic skills useful for all your classes

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2 cr., 8 weeks, one-on-one weekly academic coaching.

Meet each week with your own personal academic coach to help set goals and have some accountability!

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COLL-R200 Success in the College

2 cr., 8 weeks, graded S/F.

Learn strategic steps to accomplish your academic goals in the College of Arts and Sciences

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2 cr., 13 weeks, intro to college, IU resources, and campus opportunities.

For Freshman and transfer students.

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COLL-R300 Transfer Your Success

1 cr., 8 weeks, Build community while learning about IUB resources and history.

For transfer students in the College of Arts and Sciences.

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3 cr., full-semester & 6-week summer versions, explore creativity in any field.

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ASCS-Q294 College to Career I: Explore Your Options

2 cr., 8 weeks, graded S/F, Freshman and Sophomore only

Learn how your values, interests, personality, and skills can lead to career choices

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ASCS-Q296 College to Career II: Navigating Your Arts + Sciences Experience

2 cr., 8 weeks, graded S/F, Sophomore, Junior, Senior only

Identify the relationship between your chosen field of study and life after graduation, explore post-graduation opportunities through the lens of marketable skills, and be more fully engaged in an ongoing process of academic and career planning for post-collegiate success.

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INFO-Y100 Explore Informatics and Computer Science

1 cr., 8 weeks, Freshman and Sophomore only

Learn about the academic and career options in Informatics, Computer Science, Intelligent Systems Engineering, Data Science, and Cybersecurity and Global Policy

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Questions about support courses?

Not sure which is the best fit for you? Your advisor would be pleased to help, so just send them a quick email!

Academic resources for all subjects

If your course doesn't offer tutoring, consider contacting your instructor or the department for more tutoring options as well as office hours. For more general support with academics, you may be interested in these general academic support options below.

Academic Coaching

Meet with a peer academic coach to learn about study skills, how to be successful in your first few semesters, and how to use IU resources to thrive in your courses.

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Support Courses for Credit

Earn credit alongside your peers while working with trained instructors to develop academic skills and feel more comfortable on campus.

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